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By donating to the CVMA cause, you are supporting over 18.8 million veterans living in the U.S. today, 7.6 percent of the population. Our mission is to support and defend those who have defended our country and our freedoms. Our focus is to help veteran care entities provide a warm meal, clothing, shelter and guidance, or to simply say “Thank You” and “Welcome Home.”

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This is Anthony and his wife they were  expecting their 3rd baby Hope on April 2022. Unfortunately their sweet baby Hope was diagnosed with Congential complete heart block and hydrops a month ago. Beloved Hope was born 2/2/22 at only 29 weeks and was able to spend a few minutes  with her loving parents. Pease help them raise money for the unexpected funeral expenses. If you click the photo the link to their go fund me should become visible

Please help baby Jax and the Becerril family. Jax was born 6 weeks early in October 2021 and was born with a rare condition called Tetralogy pulmonary annulus complication. He has a heart and lung abnormalities that require numerous surgeries to correct. Baby Jax has already had multiple surgeries to also correct an airway restriction that made him unable to cry or make sounds, these surgeries have also created complications for the heart. If you wish to help Baby Jax and the Bercerril family click on the photo to go direct to the Go Fund Me page.

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